giovedì, giugno 26, 2014

Missing statusbar / addon toolbar in Firefox 29+

Dear firefox developers...
what are you doing?!?!?

how can you eventually think that removing the statusbar/addon toolbar is a good move?
tons of extensions rely exclusively on that toolbar and there is no mean of letting'em show their icons on other toolbars.

don't like it?
ok, let it stay hidden by default.

but removing it is just a stupid move.

think with your own mind. don't just copy other browsers.
because other browsers creators, if you just match their moves, got a strategic advantage of moving first, and you can't  ever beat them this way. you have to play your own game!

references and how to solve the missing status bar toolbar in firefox 30+ are here :

or better, customize australis aspect:

cyboroz dixit.